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E Online Business is one of the best bulk sms provider company. We serve through innovative solutions for sending group sms all over India via different gateway networks. Our MS Excel Plug-in software allows you to send personalized bulk sms to your entire group at a single click. With the help of our premium sms services. API coding is also available to send bulk sms from your own application. Our sms services work throughout India through multiple gateway networks. We also provide short code solutions to get feedbacks from clients.

Bulk SMS Services in Jaipur :

Bulk SMS Benefits :
- Commodity Dealers
- Stock Brokers
- Share Tips Providers
- Software Companies
- Garment Showrooms
- Fashion Wear Stores
- Financial Institutions
- Website Developers.
- Website Designers
- SEO Companies
- Advertising & Marketing
- Insurance Comapnies
- Educational Organisations
- Election Campaigns
- Real Estate Dealers
Short Codes Benefits :
- IT Companies
- Share Market
- Garment Industries
- Polling
- Voting
- Property Dealers
- Educational Institutes
- Websites
- Employment Websites
- MLM Companies

Bulk SMS Services Bulk SMS Marketing :
Bulk SMS is the latest strategy of marketing and not only latest but also very effective method. With this methodology you can reach people all over India at a very cheap cost. It helps in branding of the product. Not only for marketing, but it can also be used for alerts purpose. Various kinds of alerts, stock tips, verification sms from websites are sent using this methodology only. It has proven to be successful in every field.

Bulk SMS Services Short Code Service :
Short Codes are 5-digit unique numbers e.g 5xxxx which are easy to remember and have high through put to receive thousands of lacs of sms at a single point of time. These numbers have proved to be a boon for lead generation business. Not only this, we all know their usage in TV shows, marketing, feedback services etc. They are not only cost effective but also hassle free business strategy. With us you will find the facility of using short code service. Using short codes for value added services is a better option as these are easier to remember and use.

SMS Short Code : Best marketing tool present in the market currently. Get a keyword on the Short Code 54545/56070 at a very competitive price.

Usage : Used by corporates for whom data security is of prime importance and Used by large enterprises for whom high performance is more important than the effort which might go in the system integration of API's with the application.

Benefits : Throughput of CRM / ERP application is higher when the API's are incorporated in it and Complex messaging /SMS requirements can be handled by embedding the API calls in the business logic.

Bulk SMS Services Bulk SMS Reseller :
SMS Reseller is among the many sms services that we provide to you. With our bulk SMS reseller service you can now cater to your clients easily. Priority SMS reseller is also a very viable option that we provide to you. Bulk SMS gateway is an interesting option and has numerous opportunities of standardizing your income.

Bulk SMS Services Long Code :
Long Code service is also among our numerous listed services offered to our esteemed clients. This suitable as it has international accessibility and operates on a much lower cost.

Usage : Suited for a closed-circle messaging where enterprises do no want their customers and employees to pay a premium for outgoing sms and Used by enterprises who want their sales force to send them critical information or for receiving queries/responses from the existing customers over sms.

Benefits : Unlike short-code service which is country specific, long code service can be used for querying business information from around the globe and Cheaper to the sender who wishes to query the information.

Bulk SMS Services SMS Gateway API :
Large enterprises where the requirements are too complex and varied can incorporate the API function calls in their CRM / ERP applications. SmsField's API can be accessed through XML and COM interfaces. Some of the key features of the service are:- Underlying services connected with a multitude of protocols like XML over HTTP, text over HTTP, UCP over TCP/IP or SMPP over TCP/IP. Advance features include sending picture messages, ring-tone, logo, business card, WAP Push, V-Calendar, Flash messages and Unicode messages.

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