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 Metal Dustbins

Rainbow Imports offers , for the first time in India, Metal Dustbins to match any decor, be it a plush corporate boardroom or an elegant bedroom. These dustbins are handcrafted, powder coated, lacquered for continuing lustre and packed in a designer carton. The prime sheet metal with a tough plastic inner liner gives the bins strength and durability.

Available in 4 colours:
* Black * White * Gold * Copper Touch

Available in 3 Shapes:
Round (229 m.m. dia.)
Oval (252 m.m. and 202 m.m.)
Square (200 x 200 m.m.) in 9" height.

Metal Dustbins

Telescope double Barrel on Brass stand
Product Code : SET-06
Size : 102 cm
Weight : 3.1 k.g.
Lens : 50 mm
Stand Weight : 3.2 k.g.
Height when Collapsed : 90 cm
Height When Extended : 145 cm

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