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 Ayurvedic Products

Eladi Churn
Description Eladi Churn It is Useful in a variety of gastro- intestinal and liver disorder. Aids digestion, increases appetite and remove flatulence.
Direction Three times a day with little water.
Dose 1-3 gm.
Triphala Churan
Description Triphala Churan Indicated in malarial fevers, blood impurities and leprosy. It improves appetite and rectifies constipation.
Direction Once or twice a day in high proportion. .
Dose 2-3 gm.
Ras Manikya
Description Ras Manikya Useful in ailments related to impurities in blood effective in case of boils, pimples etc.. Also useful in case of small white patch, cold catarrh and leucorhoea.
Direction To be taken after mixing in pure honey
Dose 125-375 mg.
Sitopaladi Churan
Description Supari Pak A most efficacious preparation for excessive menstruation and leucorrhoea. Useful for pain in the joints and the back. Increases the retentive power of the uterus. In men, increases the density of semen and checks impotence.
Direction In Pack
Supari Pak
Direction In Pack
Description A well known Ayurvedic preparation. Useful for cold, catarrh, coughs well as Asthma. Strengthens the lungs and removes general debility.
Direction In Pack
Mahayograj Gugal
Description Mahayograj Gugal Useful in a variety of Rheumatic pains, gout, paralysis and sciatica.
Direction Two times a day with water.
Dose 2-4 Pills
Lavan Bhaskar
Description Lavan Bhaskar Useful in nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, lack of appetite, acidity and stomachaches.
Direction To be taken with butter milk.
Dose 1-3 gm.
Sidh Makardhawaj
Description Sidh Makardhawaj Removes general debilities. Strengthens digestion. Tones upon nerves a nd muscles and increases potency. Useful in cough, Asthma and Tuberculosis.
Direction In Pack

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