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Arts & Crafts India boasts a luxuriant range in Arts and crafts works. The Kashmiri wooden architecture, madefrom walnut and deodar wood, has flourished from the 11th century AD. Kashmir is the only state in India , where walnut trees grow. The craftsmen here create intricate carvings on wood obtained from the walnut tree. Furniture items like tables, chairs, stools, partitions etc have rich floral and trellis patterns carved on them. Carving done on walnut is either deep or shallow. Items like tables, fruit trays and bowls etc are also decorated with inlay work. Wax polishing is done on finished products, so that the beauty of the wood grain is not lost.

Arts & Crafts Metal Craft has remained one of the most important utility objects in North-West India from timeimmemorial. Metal is used in various forms: for making religious images; items for performing ritual s; objects of utility and arms and weapons. Making of religious images is an ancient craft. The craftsman is required not only to know the methods and technique applied in casting but also to have the complete knowledge of the characteristics, symbolism, iconographic paraphernalia attached to it.

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