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Air Ambulance Services
We provide several types of air ambulance services that are designed to suit a patients needs. We have over 35 years of experience in air ambulance transport services for patients and family members, corporations, managed care companies, hospitals, nursing homes, assistance companies, insurance companies, embassies and other medical care providers.

- Transport of patients on domestic and international charters / commercial airlines.

- A Doctor/Nurse accompanying the patient from "bedside to bedside" throughout the transfer.

- Ticketing and ground transport for the patient.

- Special assistance at the airport for speedy and comfortable boarding. -Arrangement of Oxygen, special requirements, ventilators, stretchers etc. in the aircraft.

- Administering patient medication, monitoring and nursing care on board the flight.

Air Ambulance Services India has been repatriating patients on commercial & charter planes with medical escorts within India and rest of the world. Our Doctors and Paramedics are well-qualified professionals who efficiently provide coordinated "bedside to bedside" transfer worldwide. Our air ambulance services caters to those individuals who require medical assistant while traveling, whether it is as a stretcher case on life support system or as an escort for those disabled and/ or unable to tend for themselves during their flight back home.

Any person requiring any from of medical assistant for critical or non-critical care transport may use this service. We use the latest "State- of- the- art" equipment that can provide ICU care on commercial flights. Though a patient may only require minimal care, the air ambulance always take all standard emergency equipment and medication. Our staff and  equipment are located in New Delhi, India. Commercial airline repatriation and transport is available to all age groups. With an experience of several air ambulance and commercial aircraft evacuations, our flight medical staff are trained to handle the most critical condition of patients whether they are on life support, have myocardial infarction or multi trauma patients etc. and provide dedicated care in the skies.

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